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Choosing a Grout Color - easy as 1, 2, 3.

So you slaved over selecting your tile, the faucets and fixtures for your brand new bathroom. Just when you think you've addressed everything, your contractor asks:

“What color grout do you want to use?”

A wave of panic sets in as he drops the grout color deck in your lap and leaves shouting out:

“Need your decision by Monday… or I lose my tile guy for three weeks!”

Alone... you stare around your unfinished bathroom...???

Truth is selecting a grout color can feel stressful because the color of your grout significantly affects your overall design. Not everyone can hire an interior designer, so here are a few ideas to help make that grout color decision a little easier.

Three directions you can take with grout color

1. Match your grout color to your tile

If you want your tile to be the center of attention, match your grout color (or just get as close to it in tone if you have chosen a bright color). This will prevent the eye from being distracted from the pattern created by grout lines.

2. Contrast your grout color to the tile

A contrasting grout joint highlights the pattern found in the layout.

3. Use a Neutral grout color

A neutral color grout is always a safe choice; neutrals go with everything so it is hard to go wrong. The great thing is that the tile pattern will be more noticeable than with a matching grout, but not a main feature as with contrasting grout colors.

Neutral grout colors were used to highlight the decorative glass mosaic tile and at the same time blend into the field tile.

Notice the grout pattern on the field tile is not highlighted both in the shower and on the floor. Only the pattern of the mosaic stands out.

What about a tile with a colored pattern?

Use a grout color that blends with the body color of the tile. In this case, the grout color matches the white body of the tile. By blending the grout color to the match background tile color, it emphasises the beautiful cobalt blue ring pattern. Just what you want to stand out.

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